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Literacy for All: Advocating for Michigan's Students

Contributed by: Joy Lyman, 313Reads Michigan Education Policy Fellow with Teach for America Detroit

In the quest for literacy equity in Michigan, 313Reads supports Michigan’s "Literacy for All" Bills (SB567, SB568, and HB5098). These bills aim to bridge gaps in grade-level reading and literacy, ensuring all children, especially those who have been historically marginalized, have fair access to quality education. If passed, these bills will address challenges like early identification of struggling readers and training programs for educators.

The bills integrate a research based screener to identify students in need of extra literacy supports. By aligning with existing laws, they minimize disruption to students, offering fair support without additional assessments. The legislative journey is ongoing, and community engagement is crucial. 313Reads encourages everyone to share personal stories and advocate for these bills with your representatives in the state House and Senate, taking a collective step toward equitable literacy and lifelong success for students in Detroit and across our state.

To learn more and support the bills, join our info session on January 24, 2023. Register here.


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