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A reading tutor can help your child master or build on their current reading skills with evidence-based strategies to teach reading. Reading tutoring can also help students gain confidence and enjoy reading more. Check out these community-based tutoring options:

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Center for Success Network

​Boston Edison 

  • Free academic focused, individualized mentoring and tutoring.

  • Grades K-5

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SOAR Detroit


  • Low cost literacy tutoring, sports, & camps

  • Grades 2-5

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Community Based-Literacy Tutoring Flyer

This two-page flyer gives contact information for 313Reads Coalition members that provide community-based literacy tutoring and connect families with additional resources.

Please contact these non-profit partners directly for more information.

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Developing K.I.D.S.

​Northwest Detroit

  • Free after school and summer programming

  • Grades K-12

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​Northwest Detroit

  • Low cost Kumon Tutoring service center

  • Ages 6-24

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