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Assessments help literacy programs know what reading level your child is at. It helps identify skills they already have and things to work on. Assessments help us see how your child's reading is growing and how they can help them grow even more.


313Reads Assessment One-Pager

This document gives an overview of information on the literacy assessments given by our program partners.


Questions answered in this document include:

  1. What is the assessment and why are you measuring reading growth?

  2. How will my child's privacy be kept safe?

  3. How can I read my child's scores?

  4. What skills are measured with Acadience?


313Reads Assessment Overview

This document gives an overview of the 313Reads Assessment Program. It describes how 313Reads works with literacy tutoring programs to help support their impact. 

This document also gives an overview on how to read the score reports from your child's assessments.

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