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Celebrating Family Literacy with Your Family 

young boy reading a book in a classroom

Contributed by: Joy Lyman, 313Reads Michigan Education Policy Fellow with Teach for America Detroit

  1. Read Together! Read books at home, check out your local library (in person or using their online resources for e-books and audiobooks through Libby and Hoopla), or check out some amazing free resources from the Barbara Bush Foundation

  2. Model Reading: Sound out words, make mistakes, and think aloud when reading with your child. When you come across a word you or your child isn't sure of, talk about how to make meaning with the word, including using context clues and looking it up. Remember that it’s okay if you don’t know the answer, and showing your child how to navigate problem solving through their own learning can be extremely powerful.

  3. Attend a Story Time: Many community programs offer story times throughout the year that include time for kids to socialize and receive tutoring. The branches of the Detroit Public Library also offer weekly storytimes and hands-on literacy related activities to celebrate reading together.

  4. Community Based Tutoring: A community based tutoring program can help your child master or build on their current reading skills with evidence-based strategies to teach reading. Reading tutoring can also help students gain confidence and enjoy reading more. 

  5. Connect with other literacy champions: Developing a relationship with teachers, other parents, and more by sharing common goals and information is critical to support your child’s literacy. Reading Rockets and Detroit Parent Network both offer resources to support parent advocacy and community building.


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